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Local Auteur Reveals Formula for DIY Success
Russian immigrant director combines Tarkovsky,
The Red, sex and simple drama to good e

Russian-born local filmmaker Yuri Tsapa­yev spoke to CineSource as the first press com­munication for his visually stunning new film, “Contractor’s Routine.” Shot and produced almost entirely in San Francisco, the film fol­lows a carpenter Jacob Borchevsky struggling to tamp down his psychological turmoil - personi­fied in his mentoring alter-ego Esau - before it explodes into irreparable cataclysm. Tsapayev, who wrote, di­rected, and pro­duced the debut indie is present­ing his film - still without distribu­tion - through­out the festival circuit. With impressive acting performances and skillful direction talent, the film is an obvious choice to be picked up by a leading indie distributor. 

Change is the Currency of the Universe …

Visually gorgeous and intelligent in the pithy dialogue spoken by the complex characters involved, the work easily vaulted itself to the top of my Best of 2010 list. Whether it stays there or not remains to be seen, but as of now, there has been nothing better.
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